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Nationality: Dutch (The Netherlands)
Country or Residence: Kenya

Joep van Binsbergen is the CEO/Founder of the Agency Bridging capacities for Development (ABCD Ltd.) which assist NGOs with their procurement needs and outsourcing solutions, and its subsidiary which is a full fletched resettlement service, supporting expats who relocate to Eastern Africa.

After having worked for 12 years in Relief and Development, Joep started in relief (Zimbabwe), then, tried his hand at research in the Livestock Economics (Nigeria and Kenya), and ultimately found his place in the Operations Department of the Africa Regional Office of the World Vision International.

After losing his dear wife Jitske Brouwer to cancer, Joep decided to start his own business from his home in Nairobi so that he can be close to his young children, her living legacy. As the co-founder of the Owili foundation, she was a remarkable person and one of the first supporters of James’ vision and ministry in Kiambu. Joep now serves as the chairman of the Fountain of Hope advisory board.

Joep himself is a second-generation ‘Development worker’ and has spent an extended part of his childhood in West-Africa (Burkina-Faso and the Ivory Coast) where he was schooled in French. His career brought him later to Eastern, Western, and Southern Africa. His hobbies mainly revolve around music; he is involved in the worship team of the Karen Vineyard Church and also likes playing in occasional jam-sessions.